Questions before making a website


  1. How do i start making a website with your company?
  2. How would you get all the contents for making me a website?
  3. How much i will have to pay in advance?
  4. How much time does it normally take to make one website?
  5. If i need to maintain my website how gona i do that?
  6. If i don't like the design, what would be then?
  7. How do i pay?


  1. Starting with making a website with us is very simple, you can either email us or call us on 04-2677789 one of our sales person would visit your office to discuss about your project
  2. Most of the time client send us his company's maximum detail (soft copy ) and then we do analysis to shape his website. If client doesn't know what to put in website, then we do research and make similar contents (which his competitors has made )
  3. Each client has to pay atleast 50% at the time of signing the proposal and remaining 50% he can pay after completing his website
  4. It depends on the type of website that client is going to make from us. A static website with 5 pages and intro flash, takes not more than 7 days
  5. Imagine has a very large team working in Pakistan, we offer our client to sigh a maintanance proposal for either 3 months (minimum) or more. We assign one designer or programmer to his website.
  6. Normaly we make two templates for our client, he chooses one of those. If the case is special we do make more than 2 designs
  7. You can either pay by cash or by check.




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